Digital Retailer API

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Our Digital Retailer API allows our partners to offer the entire digital sheet music catalogue for sale via their own websites.

The catalogue contains scores published by largest sheet music publishers in the world, and features licensed music from international music publishers including Universal, Sony, BMG, EMI, Chrysalis, and The Disney Corporation.

We have over 100,000 downloadable pop, rock, jazz, film and TV soundtracks and classical titles available, and hundreds of new music releases every week. Over 300 new engravings are added to the catalogue every month. All scores are professionally engraved and proofed to the highest editorial standards.

Content is authorised and 100% legal. Every download sold via the web service generates a royalty to the publishers and songwriters. Sheet Music Direct covers both the appropriate royalties and the required third party software licenses.


  1. An existing shopping cart/checkout facility
  2. The partner is responsible for all fraud screening, credit card authorisations, banking fees and refunds

No set-up fees payable to become a Digital Retailer API partner.

Our partners include:

Using Magento?

If you are already using Magento and are interested in implementing our Digital Retailer API, please contact Roy Andre Tollefsen from Trollweb. This is a Norwegian web development company that has experience working with our API and Magento.

Development milestones

Step 1: Understanding security

This API requires a public key / shared secret pair which is available on request. Please do not send your shared secret over email under any circumstances. All API requests require a security header.

Step 2: Catalogue services

Many developers need to import product data into their own specific database. The catalogue services endpoints provide the means to do this.

Step 3: Viewer

Our viewer endpoints are used to display previews and full scores within your website. You will need to place an order to view a full score.

Step 4: The purchase process and order management.

When your customer purchases a score, you will record the purchase using these endpoints.

Note For Legacy API users (

As of October 2015, score rendering, catalogue services and order management services have now been transitioned to our Digital Retailer API.

The Legacy API is now officially end of life and is expected to be decomissioned in Q4 2016.